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Taylorcraft BC 65. If you were to ever be ramp-checked and asked to PROVE the aircraft met LSA criteria, I can't picture an FAA guy saying "The sales brochure says stall speed is 45 and the OP LIM letter says 46. Champ 7AC specifications, number of passengers, seats, cabin dimensions, useful load, range, fuel capacity, landing distance speed, ZFW We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our website. He got his lift from lots of wing and his speed from low drag. Taylorcraft L-2. But in response to a gusty wing lift at low AOA? Kinda justeverything? Note that the take-off ground-roll requirements for the "clipped-wing" is approximately 50 percent higher than for the stock "Cub". I am looking at a Luscombe 8-A. We added the VG's and made flaps out of Taylorcraft ailerons. Cabin heat may be installed. The 3-part wing spar is drilled in a fixture and matched as Do you need more background on the subjects discussed on this site? If so, click the links below. An air bubble in the L-4's fuel line caused a stall and the crash. Along with the Super Cub, Cessna 180s and 185s are considered to be prime bush planes. There was a fantastic report on the Taylorcraft I own when NACA was testing light planes for loss of roll control in a stall. This video is unavailable. When you're in a steep bank, your stall speed is significantly higher. It is a whole new approach to homebuilt aircraft construction. Everyone who has flown the airplane has remarked on the low landing speed and the low speed controlability. From a aircraft aerobatics manual I got a formula. A lightly loaded airplane, landing at the same airspeed that is used when it is heavily loaded, will float before touchdown to dissipate the excess energy, thus extending the landing distance. A while back, we ran a vote on Vx and Vy: which one gets you to altitude in the least amount of time. Operators call it the best value in its class because it was designed for owners who want extra range and speed without the inflated cost. The Taylorcraft looks like a good fit. Power was 225hp by Continental. Most aircraft engines are air cooled as this saves weight, no coolant, reduces complexity, less hoses and increases reliability. 1940 TaylorCraft BC-65 EBAY NO RESERVE AUCTION cessnaflyboy42v. The Micro VG Kit consists of 80 Vortex Generators mounted It’s not what I expected I guess I need a pilots hand book for aircraft operations Something that included Take off speed Climb speed Stall speed Approach speed Landing and take off distance Taylorcraft BC-12D Flight Manual (part# TABC12DF) N47648, a 1943 Taylorcraft L-2A-TA Liaison Warbird by Doug Robertson. Taylorcraft BC-12D Part of the Taylorcraft's speed comes from having low frontal area and this means a low cabin. Nosewheel vs. 350 feet Minimum Speed: 43 mph The Piper Super Cub hasn't been built in any numbers since the early 1980s, but because of its utility JIM KOEPNICK. The Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper is an American observation and liaison aircraft built by Taylorcraft for the United States Army Air Forces in World War II. Luscombe The Taylorcraft is a wonderful machine because of it's simplicity and with a stall speed of T-Craft Flight Characteristics. We manufacture and sell FAA/PMA parts for many general aviation and vintage aircraft including the Aeronca, Luscombe, Piper, Cessna, and Taylorcraft. N47648 Taylorcraft L2-M/DCO-65 S/N 5416 The Taylorcraft L2-M, known as the Grasshopper, is a two place, tandem cockpit aircraft built for the U. Kolb This is the first installment in a new series of articles based on a hypothetical set of airplane ownership criteria. Navy Lightsport certification @ $5000 and approximately $1000/yr for an annual, allows this certified airplane to fill a niche that the expensive kits cannot. Vortex generators allow the wing to develop more lift at lower airspeeds. Items 1 - 11 of 11 Like the full scale airplane, the Seagull 25 sized Taylorcraft is beginner . Electric Sport Scale - Keith Shaw - Model Builder - July 1987 edited and commented on by Ken Myers, July 1989 Scale aircraft are many times depicted as overweight, under-powered models of marginal performance. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Specifications. S. Leo Loudenslager built the Laser 200 for competition aerobatics and the goal of winning a world aerobatic title. Sep 10, 2019 Experimental taylorcraft. C. What if you're not in a stalled condition because you're holding it on, tail high, to build up speed? Then the gust lifts a wing? I get the high AOA condition use of rudder, and when a wheel is on the ground, obviously rudder is paramount. Design and development. The Taylorcraft "grasshopper" should balance at a point about 1/2 back along the wing chord. The Taylorcraft B is an American light, single-engine, high-wing general aviation monoplane Maximum speed: 120 mph (190 km/h, 100 kn); Cruise speed: 110 mph (180 km/h, 96 kn); Stall speed: 38 mph (61 km/h, 33 kn); Range: 300 mi (480   Richard, I have not flown a Taylorcraft, but here is the way I have done it for other similar airplanes. Your mileage may vary. . 00 Stinson, Taylorcraft, Cessna 120, 140, 150, and 152 $695. Carr was the Alaska Factory Representative for Taylorcraft and brought dozens of Taylorcrafts to Alaska in the years following WWII. First, find the stall speed, VSo. forces, including 250 built for the U. com. The Taylorcraft B is a light, side-by-side two place, single engine, high wing general aviation monoplane that was built by the Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation of Alliance, Ohio. The Taylorcraft F-21 is a high-wing American-built certified light aircraft developed from earlier Taylorcraft designs. What would I buy…. Taylorcraft Daze The history, diary, thoughts, and opinions of an Iowa Taylocraft pilot. The Taylorcraft 450 is a very attractive well constructed scale like aircraft. Nice flying plane, flies hands off when trimmed, Very low stall speed (it’s 30 mph with a pilot only). The fuel tank holds 56 gallons. The 200B cruises at 200 knots, but it’s the rate of acceleration, rather than the cruising speed, that struck Mayes when he first began flying it. 139 Midge prototype, the Gnat possessed outstanding performance features including a 10,000 foot-per-minute climb rate, and a roll rate in excess of 360 degrees per second. I highly recommend a visit to the library and see some books. Plain ailerons with no trim tabs. But air cooled engines also have their own set of peculiarities. Model, Engine Type, HP or lbs thr ea engine, Max speed Knots, Rcmnd cruise Knots, Stall Knots dirty, Fuel gal/lbs, All eng . Time to fly the Taylorcraft. I am not sure where you are getting this "critical angle of attack" term from. I guess I saw a few others posting their builds on his build blog and I piggy backed it on there. Whether you're completely new to aviation or are already an experienced pilot, light-sport aircraft (LSA) and the corresponding sport pilot certificate make flying easier, more affordable, and more accessible - not to mention fun! The sport pilot certificate enables new pilots to learn to fly half Storch means “stork” in English. Square root of the upper load limit times the stall speed. deliberate and a higher than normal amount of speed. Thousands of RV-9/9As have been sold, and as more are finished and flown, sales have increased. Bush flying the Taylorcraft; Take your moose hunt to the next level! The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available. Vso is 61 KIAS. highly modified Piper PA-18 SuperCubs, PA-12 & 14 Cruisers, PA-20 & 22 Pacers, AmericanChampion/Citabria, Stinson, TaylorCraft, Aeroncas, Cessna and Experimental Aircraft relate to a model, but what a handful the Taylorcraft must be; NO lateral stability for starters, and it must have wicked adverse yaw. We just flew them in the best way we could. The cruise speed is 91 mph, the stall speed is 39 mph, the maximum speed is 140 mph, and the aircraft range is 500 miles (805 km). The entire background represents landing places for the L-2 and it's near-helicopter landing speeds . Towner says when he bought his Taylorcraft, it was a flying airplane but in need of complete restoration. Cessna did lots of mods to keep their variable thickness 23000 series stall speed under 61 knots. stall speed without VG= 37 mph@ 8500. very controllable with the first signs of buffeting. It stalls at 32 knots and cruises at 89. , aircraft photos, specifications and performance data> The Eagle II is really much more than just a high-performance, two-place aerobatic airplane you can build at home. Enter the quantity desired of each item in the Buy column. 1 Pitts Aerobatic Single Engine Piston Airplanes for Sale Worldwide. In 1941 the United States Army Air Forces ordered four Taylorcraft Ds with the designation YO-57. The Piper Vagabond (PA15 & PA17) is the first aircraft in the Short Wing Piper lineage. The C-34 was the first Airmaster The C-37 had a wider cabin, improved landing gear and electric flaps. We intend to follow this issue and provide input whenever and however possible as this topic develops. I0-550-G with empty weight of 1240 lbs. Aeronca Sedan $950. So, with the wing positioned at the stall angle of attack, the VGs should be slightly forward of the highest point of the airfoil. The L-3 series were adapted from Aeronca's pre-war Tandem Trainer and Chief models. When you're stabilized, on speed, and on glide path, you can touch down where you want, prevent your plane from floating down the runway, and stop well before you run out of runway. Better to be farther forward than too far aft. Three models of the F-19 Sportsman were offered as Standard, Custom, and Deluxe. A high speed stall is when increasing Mach number effects reduce lift below what is required, either by accelerating or by pulling gs with sufficient dynamic pressure. The Micro Vortex Generators for the Taylorcraft are ready for installation. WELCOME TO WAG-AERO. Carrying a single pilot and no passenger, the L-4 had a top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h), a cruise speed of 75 mph (121 km/h), a service ceiling of 12,000 ft (3,658 m), a stall speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), an endurance of three hours, and a range of 225 mi (362 km). 1946 Ercoupe 415D The Ercoupe was manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) in nearby Riverdale, MD, to be spin-proof, stall-proof, and slip-proof. The conventional airfoil of the Taylorcraft is shown on the left. The Taylorcraft Auster was a British military liaison and observation aircraft produced by the Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Limited company during the Second World War. Meeting all Carrying a single pilot and no passenger, the L-4 had a top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h), a cruise speed of 75 mph (121 km/h), a service ceiling of 12,000 ft (3,658 m), a stall speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), an endurance of three hours, and a range of 225 mi (362 km). Cruise speed is a little slower than other two-seaters, but the Beech makes up for that in comfort. O. Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 20cc ARF Review It has a pretty low stall speed but you do need to keep the plane moving enough to keep it in the air until the right time Taylorcraft Daze The history, diary, thoughts, and opinions of an Iowa Taylocraft pilot. com is the #1 trusted aircraft for sale resource since 1999! Find, buy or sell any type of new or used aircraft, such as Cessna, Gulfstream, Beechcraft, or Piper in our beautiful, easy-to-navigate directory. Lots of good info when they tested a "T" with different devices to keep flow from separating. 4 hours Range @ 4. Power is supplied by the Continental A65-8 engine developing 65 horsepower at 2300 RPM. All of the Auster variants were the same size externally as the American Taylorcraft, with the same wing span, section, and overall basic dimensions. It could take off and land in 200ft. Taylor married his E-2 Cub to Continental’s new A-40 “You can buy all internal components to speed up a Taylorcraft, or buy a whole kit,” he says. The L-2 first flew in September 1941. The BC-12D is equipped with a Continental A-65-8A engine. During the crash, the landing gear caught on a ridge at the end of the strip and This makes the supercritical airfoil SLIGHTLY LESS efficient at all flight regimes other than high-speed cruise because of the extra trim drag. Basic construction consists of welded tube, fabric covered fuselage. Normally aspirated engines. Those shock cords were installed at the top of the landing gear struts and were neatly faired to the fu-selage—just one more example of Taylorcraft streamlining. There was a modernisation after Continental suspended production of the O-200 engine. The Rams S7 has a 147. Cessna 170 A,B 172, 175 A,B,C 180, 182 Series + 185 $1450. [1] The aircraft was available as a land plane and a floatplane . The aircraft, without enough speed to fly and bounce back into the air, stays on the runway. When your engine is not equipped with a turbo- or supercharger it will also suffer from the less dense air. 75 square foot undercambered wing. For more information: 231-645-3501 I liked the fact that they had round tips and I could use my wing covers. No one would ever question that. 141 Gnat was a British all-metal fighter and trainer designed by Folland to be small and economical, yet capable of high performance. It was developed from the earlier F-19 model with a larger 118 hp engine and an updated FAA-type certificate. Main article: Aeronca Chief family The Aeronca L-3 group of observation and liaison aircraft were used by the United States Army Air Corps in World War II. However, tail-first landings can damage the tailwheel gear if the This chart is an example of a takeoff distance table for short-field takeoffs. Factors affecting Stall Speed. Note: Because this technique requires an even greater angle of attack than a full-stall, three-point landing, the landing speed is even slower, and is often the choice for short runways. Collisions with obstacles during climb out, runway overruns on landing occur every once in a while. ” In his third design, the 200,Meyers retained reliability with a sturdy chrome-moly steel skeleton, but the airplane was built for speed. I much rather look out the window. Halls airspeed indicator, battery voltage, cylinder head temp, altimeter, vertical speed, compass, turn coordinator, new seats. Tailwheel by Martin Sutter Home > Articles > Nose wheel vs. The all-metal, roomy, fast, kit-built Questair Venture (formally NuVenture) was the winner and fastest plane at the 1998 Sun ’n, sponsored by us. With tuffs to give us an visual indication of what is going on The Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper is an American observation and liaison aircraft built by Taylorcraft for the United States Army Air Forces in World War II. 1946 NC43606 Taylorcraft BD12. The Aeronca 15AC Sedan is a four-seat, fixed conventional gear light airplane which was produced in the United States between 1948 and 1951. Owners report cruise speed increases in the 4-5 mph range with added benefits in lower stall speed (other designs can actually increase stall speeds) better aileron authority, improved climb, quicker roll rate, and improved low speed handling. And the angle of attack may become excessive when you try to maintain altitude despite too low an airspeed or in tight turns, wher Get YouTube without the ads. Stall speed is in the high I have a Taylorcraft with an 80 hp. It came equipped with vortex generators helping lower the stall speed to around 37 mph, as well as 35 inch bush tires allowing for off field activities. Boucher of the 41st Field Artillery at Cavalaire on Yellow Beach. Each intake stroke (which is by With 2 – 26 HP KFM electric start motor, all new fuel lines, new plugs, decarbon cylinders, 2 new props 36”x 15 pitch, 2 fuel tank total 12 gallon, dual electric fuel pump, gauges. Now you can  Read, Basic Aircraft Products, taylorcraft aircraft for the BAE-14/28 turbo alternator Never exceed speed: 140 mph; Cruise speed: 91 mph; Stall speed: 39 mph  Taylorcraft aircraft specifications history and performance. Our Aircraft Sales Experts have been serving buyers and sellers with aircraft brokerage and acquisition services since 2004. I agree that the dissymmetry is the primary cause limiting the helicopter speed, but if the rotor was smaller, the retreating blade would be faster, and the stall delayed at a higher speed. Reports from folks on this forum that has flown both say the S7 stalls slower. The takeoff speed is in the second column and, in the third column under pressure altitude, find the pressure altitude of 3,000 feet. Washout is a spanwise twist in the wing that reduces the angle of attack at the tip in relation to the root and is used to avoid tip stalls in turns and when flying near stall speed. There is no measurable effect on high-speed performance and they do not collect ice. The design requirements were short take-off and landing, small engine (low fuel consumption), low stall speed, good cruise speed and rate of climb, large cabin area, low maintenance and high safety factor. The A-65, more any other single technological event, made the Taylorcraft and every other of its peer group take a giant step forward. These provide a reduction in stall speed by 5 mph and a reduced landing / takeoff roll. With such a low stall speed, you can feel right at home flying final at 55 knots. The Taylorcraft design is a conventional layout: high-wing, fabric-covered, two-seat aircraft. We prevailed on Gary Towner, an FAA airline maintenance inspector in Phoenix, to let us use his freshly restored BC-12D as the test vehicle to remind us how a T-craft flies. The single-engine Piper M600 is more of what you want in luxury, performance and value. Designed in 1982 as a mission field workhorse. (Note the tip washout detail drawing on the downloadable plans at HERE. 5,413 L-4s were produced for U. No Flaps Metal Spars Solo from Front Seat! Taylorcraft Wings and Rudder New Continental 0-200-A engine "You can get it in any color so long as it is yellow with a black bolt" - Harry Ingram, 1/13/05 But the Taylorcraft is a real airplane and an 85 horse would would probobly be a better choice and it can cruise considerably faster. While the Cessnas will not offer the same short field abilities of the Super Cub, they will easily carry four adults. The Pober Junior Ace is open cockpit. Pull a handle, win an airplane. opment of the Taylorcraft: “In 1931, when C. Taylorcraft Aviation is an airplane manufacturer that has been producing aircraft for more than 70 years in several locations. The RV6, RV7, RV8 and the RV9 come in two basic flavors - taildragger and tricycle. Models include P2008, P2006T, P92, P2010, ASTORE, P2002 SIERRA, P2012 TRAVELLER, P2002 JF, and P2002JR. The Clipped Wing Taylorcraft was flown by Margaret Ritchie when she won the National Aerobatics Advanced Class title in 1961. This aircraft was designed by Fieseler in 1935 as a slow flying liaison aircraft. The prototype will cruise 80 mph at just 5,000 rpm on the Rotax 503, single carb, 48 hp engine. Taylor had an eye for building clean, low drag airframes. The Vagabond is a great airplane, it is simple and easy; ownership is affordable on a middle class income and is inexpensive to operate. Aircraft performance stats and information for the Luscombe Aircraft 8A aircraft. I guess it relates to loss of lift. 8KCAB-180 Super Decathlon (w/ optional speed kit), Piston, 180, 158, 150, 52, 40, 17,200, 1,230 Taylorcraft Inc. Such is also the view held by the uninformed of electric-powered aircraft. The postings will be heavy in the areas of flying Taylorcraft Aircraft, Formation Flying, Flights throughout the Great United States, and other flying activities. Browse our inventory of new and used TECNAM Aircraft For Sale near you at Controller. Wings are fabric co­ vered, wood spar, with formed aluminum alloy ribs. The models are available as either a land plane or a floatplane. I got the carb heat and slowed to a stall, not expecting anything at all. The problem is the aircraft floats like hell and with 800 ft of runway I am looking to install an airbrake of this aircraft. A very significant point is the tremendous loss in useful load. I don't see myself making any long flights (80-90 MPH no big deal for me) and I mostly fly over Agg land along the Gulf Coast. Flight controls are quick and responsive, and rudder trim makes long climbs to altitude and control of the excessive adverse yaw a little easier on the right leg. Page 1 of 1 The quite efficient NACA 23012 asymmetric airfoil allows the aircraft to perform well on 65 HP. Made a huge difference on one aborted landing. With the removable canopy, the Avenger may be flown comfortably in summer or winter weather. Pull in full flaps, add power to hold altitude at the absolute minimum airspeed, and you’ll be plugging along at less than 35 knots. So in theory the LSA stall speed could stay the same and the weight could go to 1700lb and the FAA could call it done. Then I got a surprise—the L-2 does  But the Taylorcraft is a real airplane and an 85 horse would would probobly be a Stall speed is in the high 20"s and cruise is 85-90 mph. In 1941 the United States Army Air Forces ordered four Taylorcraft Model Ds with the designation YO-57. . It always baffles me why full size lightplanes don't have more dihedral. " In all, there was nearly 40 Model 20s made. Apr 11, 2010 The new Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 20cc ARF offers a shorter 2-piece wing and . ) When an airplane is in a turn, the turning radius at the wing tip on the inside of the It has an alternator-powered electrical system and can be equipped with electric engine starter. Unlike the Cub, which just kind of suddenly stops flying, there was a Aircraft for sale. Pulling more g into the stall results in a definite nose drop, but even if you hod it fuly stalled the ailerons still work perfectly well. Power on or off. Now if any RV topic gets the faithful on the barricades, this is it. Navy engineers dropped the Piper L-4 Grasshopper ditched by Wilfred M. The use of Fiberglas shells over the steel fuselage was considered a technological breakthrough, and Taylorcraft dubbed it "The bulletproof vest with wings. This 22-page booklet is a great resource of What are they? What do they do? How do they work? Do you have them for my aircraft? How do I get them? Micro Vortex Generators are small aluminum blades placed in a spanwise line aft of the leading edge of the wing and tail surfaces. Pilot Report on Taylorcraft L-2. The Onex kit also features more CNC machined parts, and the impact in-terms of time savings of the Machined Angle Component Kit upgrade is tremendous. Plane and was rewarded with a very gentle power-on stall. Click Add to Cart to add them to your shopping cart Erco 415-C Ercoupe, Single-engine two-seat low-wing twin-rudder light monoplane, U. These are all the STOL aircraft in our database. This luscome is a cont 65HP with metal wings and wing tanks. Fun Sun100 race with an average speed of 303 mph. This Pin was discovered by Joe Sliger. Maneuvering speed is simply stall speed times the square root of the limit load factor (3. Ultralight Aircraft and Aircraft For Sale Classifieds. Taylorcraft owner George Ruckle needed to raise money to save his struggling company. As a result the supercritical airfoil is less desirable for smaller, slower-flying aircraft. caught me off guard for the first stall. The Beechcraft Skipper was released to flight schools in 1975, a few years ahead of the Piper Tomahawk. Definitely lowered the stall speed (it takes some effort to get a power-on stall, and under certain conditions I can get the power way up without a break). Why would anyone want to pursue electric scale aircraft, Carrying a single pilot and no passenger, the L-4 had a top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h), a cruise speed of 75 mph (121 km/h), a service ceiling of 12,000 ft (3,658 m), a stall speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), an endurance of three hours, and a range of 225 mi (362 km). Ultimately, Loudenslager and his Laser were so successful that he won an unprecedented seven U. Obviously, the pilot deserves most of the blame for buzzing accidents, but the AA-1's sporty aura no doubt encourages pilots to try buzz jobs, and the plane's tendency to lose speed rapidly during maneuvers and to stall abruptly (especially the hot-wing airplane) make buzzing far trickier in the AA-1 than in other aircraft. Stall speed varies directly with weight; decreased weight will decrease stall speed. Most aircraft accidents occur during the takeoff or landing phase of the flight. are available for a wide range of aircraft and can reduce stall speed, . Distance to 50-foot obstacle is defined as the sum of the takeoff ground run distance to lift-off, plus the airborne horizontal distance needed to accelerate and climb to arrive at the 50-foot obstacle height at or above the obstacle Climbout Speed (V CO ). " Manufactured by Taylorcraft, the L-2 was adapted from the pre-war commercial Model D, or Tandem Trainer. 12 FEBRUARY 2008. 7 – Seats: 2. Indicated cruise with the Continental C-85-8 was a little over 80 mph. The PT-19 had a higher wing loading and higher stall speed than the biplane trainers of that era, which helped pilots prepare for flying even more advanced aircraft. Kitfox S7 Super Sport Specifications and Performance Top Speed 125 mph Cruise 120 mph Stall Vso 41 mph Endurance 5. Of course, Wiki is likely to have good stuff on aero or some links. rolls and stall turns are back then. mph (max speed of 105 mph) for 250 miles, and when it was time to land, it touched down softly on its rubber shock cord gear at 35 mph. The Skipper originally had a conventional tail but was changed to a “T” tail on production versions. portland for sale - craigslist CL portland portland bellingham bend corvallis eugene klamath falls medford moses lake olympic pen oregon coast roseburg salem seattle skagit tri-cities, WA wenatchee yakima > The Avenger is quite stable for hands off flying while maintaining light control pressure with good control response. Buy SPORT aircraft ,Plans LM-TC-W Taylorcraft 10 pages 19ft x 36"&12,3,7ft cost $350 motorcycle in Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States, for US $149. engine, 255 built. Explore these fantastic aircraft and learn more what makes a great plane! Owners report cruise speed increases in the 4-5 mph range with added benefits in lower stall speed (other designs can actually increase stall speeds) better aileron authority, improved climb, quicker roll rate, and improved low speed handling. The Taylorcraft BC-12D has an empty weight of 730 lb and a gross weight of 1200 lb. It was affectionately known as the "Grasshopper. Service Ceiling: 17000 ft. Which in military training is almost unheard of. Cessna 120/140 vs. All this at the expense of a lower figure of merit while hovering. 18 Cessna Aircraft for Sale in Florida. The closer to the ground, the greater the effect and the greater the aspect ratio of the wing, the greater the effect. It was marketed as simple, safe, and a plane that "anyone could fly. wing: Cantilever low-wing monoplane, of all-metal construction with plastic wingtips, NASA GAW-1 section. The MICRO Vortex Generators for the Taylorcraft are now FAA STC approved and ready for installation on your airplane. Landing, yeah, you can get it significantly slower than a clean The factor of weight is important in determining landing speed. Stall speed: 0 kts. The spec sheet states in the area of 740 lbs. In March 1943, with the creation of the liaison category of light observation aircraft (previous examples came from Taylorcraft Aircraft as the L-2, and from Aeronca as their L-3, along with the numerous Piper L-4) the designation for Stinson’s new purpose-built military design was changed to the L-5. Search aircraft for sale for free! Buy and sell planes and helicopters online at GlobalPlaneSearch. It had drooping ailerons and lowered by 20 degrees when the flaps were lowered, increasingly lift. Feb 11, 2014 Maximum stall speed, no flaps: 45 knots. G. 00. stall speed with VG = 31 mph @ 8500. There Initial Climb Rate is 500 fpm and have a fuel capacity of 12 gallons with a decent range. See my post on aerodynamics for more info. power-off stall just doesn't happen, you sim- ply lose forward speed whilst gaining vertical speed. Even power-off stall is 39 knots. 01-135DA-1, 1944 & The Taylorcraft Story, 1992 General characteristics MICRO VORTEX GENERATORS FOR TAYLORCRAFT Micro Vortex Generators from Micro Aerodynamics, Inc. A semi-Fowler slotted flap gives the pilot complete control and allows the slowest flight and slowest stall speed available in the lightplane field. alt estd as 500ft agl. This happens when the angle of attack is excessive. Stall speed also varies as a function of the bank angle; the stall speeds would have increased about 20 These light-sport aircraft must be designed and produced to industry "consensus standards. 1 square foot wing flat bottom wing and says stall speed is 45 mph with flaps. I also threw some math at it and figured they would do better than the other VG's on the market. • Must-haves: fixed landing gear, Examples: Ercoupe, Piper Cub J-3, Taylorcraft. I stall around 26 now. The final placement is a bit controversial to the usual placements having a super tight spacing on the inside of the wing. Here in Idaho where most of our friends tool around the backcountry on a weekly basis, it’s always the Beaver that draws the most attention. It is very solid, stable airplant that has responsive ailerons, good turbulence response, excellent "hands-off" stability and safe stall characteristics. Some have suggested that too far forward may slightly increase drag at cruise, but I have never been able to measure any loss of cruise speed. Yet, many airplanes use this airfoil, some with rather abrupt stall characteristics, and others with very gentle stall characteristics. slow approach to a stall, the wheel hit the Crosswinds STOL Inc. Basic Aircraft Products has the BPE-14 turbo alternator available for the Taylorcraft BC-12D. Note: This information is strictly the opinion of the author. E-flite’s version of the PT-19 is a low-wing follow-up to their successful Taylorcraft 450 ARF. It looked like it could spin at the drop of a hat if you just touched the rudder near stall speed. Dr. This aircraft is quite responsive and light on control inputs. The Model B was constructed in large numbers during the late 1930s and early 1940s and was available for delivery from the factory as a land plane and a floatplane. $\endgroup$ – Peter Kämpf Aug 5 '14 at 17:02 Taylorcraft Aircraft. People really like the way the look, but it makes cleaning the airplane very difficult Range and endurance figures are quoted with no fuel reserve. Watch Queue Queue. Because it must agree to allow an audit by the FAA when it applies for an LSA certificate, the manufacturer is subject to inspections that will ask precisely how it proved the stall speed among other points. A historical airplane of the '40s done new in the 2000s, Luscombe Silvaire Aircraft Company's LSA-8 borrows its designation from the 8-series Luscombes that once sold about 1,200 units (about as many as all LSA flying in the U. Light Miniature Aircraft LM-2X-2P-W Taylorcraft, Light Miniature Aircraft LM-2X-2P-W Taylorcraft speed internet Aviation Parts and Accessories. You can "stall" at damned near any speed, gross weight, gee, bank angle - there must be "fifty ways". 6 or 0. The Questair Venture flies on a Cont. Browse our inventory of new and used PIPER CUB Aircraft For Sale near you at Controller. 1940 Taylorcraft BL-65. The goal will be to spend less than $10,000 for a light sport eligible, single-seater, with cheap operating costs. Once at 2,400 pounds, begin reading from left to right across the table. Our aim was to replicate the original stall characteristics, just slower. Because of our highly consultative and proactive approach, our customers have repeatedly turned to us to help them purchase and sell their technologically-advanced, high-performance aircraft. [2] Development. "This category of light-sport aircraft may be used for sport and recreation, flight training, or rental The purchaser (customer) of the aircraft applies for the certificate. A prominent recognition feature of the Taylorcraft L-2A-TA liaison aircraft was the modified cabin and cut down aft fuselage with far more 'Vinylite' brand fenestration, including on the cabin roof replacing the fabric covering there. Re: Approach Speed Stall 42 indicated with nose high. Engine – Lycoming 65 It has been known for some time now that vortex generators reduce stall speeds and improve the aircraft’s handling performance. With origins in the Taylorcraft Model B of the early 1940s, the F-19 and F-20 are revived and improved versions of the Models 19 and 20. Piper PA-18 Super Cub Versus the World: Comparison Specs. AircraftDealer. Of course, ‘three mistakes’ high will vary by the airplane, so just be sure to give yourself some room. Arguably the best bush plane ever built, the de Havilland Beaver will celebrate 70 years in the sky in August 2017. I think it more likely the stall speed would also go up, maybe as high as 60mph, to capture more models of legacy airplanes. In addition to the L-2 being grounded, the L-3 was grounded as well. SN 7AC-5513 N1946E Created on 5/14/2010 4:09:00 PM 1-1 1 General The Aeronca Champion Is a two place, tandem, high wing monoplane. Taylorcraft BC-12D Information. Ground effect does significantly reduce stall speed and, perhaps even more importantly, it reduces induced drag. Most of you answered Vy, which is right. Taylorcraft Auster Model H In summary, the addition of the Airwave Micro Vortex Generators to a Taylorcraft L-2B, will reduce the “indicated” stall speed to 30 mph. Taylorcraft BC-12-D 1946 Model with custom painted fabric The Taylorcraft B is an American light, single-engine, high-wing general aviation monoplane that was built by the Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation of Butler, Pennsylvania . Like many light aircraft of its day, the fuselage is constructed of welded steel tubing and covered with doped aircraft fabric. The split flaps and lighter total weight gave this aircraft a placarded stall speed of 24 knots! The Autocrat is the model of Auster that I owned and flew from Arizona to California in 1992. The Taylorcraft F-21 is a single-engine, high-wing, conventional-gear aircraft. I cannot recall that we bothered very much with speeds. The Hangar 9 Clipped Wing Taylorcraft ARF is a replica of a one-of-a-kind full-scale airplane built by renowned aircraft restoration expert, Jim Moss. Watch Queue Queue Browse Aircraft Kits in the Wicks Aircraft Supply catalog including Acro Sport 1 Aircraft Kit,Acro Sport 2 Aircraft Kit,Aerocanard Aircraft Kit,Barracuda Aircraft Kit,Bearhawk Aircraft Kit,Bowers Flybaby Aircraft Kit,Celerity Aircraft Kit,Cougar Airc The Taylorcraft 20 Ranch Wagon, later dubbed the Zephyr 400, covered with Fiberglas that was intended to be the best seller. The flaps slowed it down to about 32 and your VG's knocked off another 6 mph. G. Hi Guys- Just kicking around the idea of buying a 1946 Taylorcraft. Carrying a single pilot and no passenger, the L-4 had a top speed of 85 mph a stall speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), an endurance of three hours, and a range  Pipers, Taylorcraft, and other marques which popularised general aviation in the A maximum never-exceed speed (VNE) of not more than 120 knots CAS for a A maximum stalling speed or minimum steady flight speed without the use of   that a complete stall is developing is a dangerous airplane to fly . Lycoming motors was prone to say that the new engine was “quiet as a mouse and quick as a cat”. Don,t need an stc as this is classified under the ultra light category. The Szekely engine was temperamental and had a habit of occasionally throwing a cylinder. Taylorcraft BC12-D, N43363: Accident occurred May 07, 2016 at Moorefield's Airstrip (VA27), Critz, Henry County, Virginia and the airplane's stall speed was Light Miniature Aircraft LM-2X-2P-W Taylorcraft. The general empty weight of the series is 670 lbs (304 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 1,200 lbs (544 kg). ” Rob, if you’re still reading this, you have found the formula for determining Va. In the cases of Taylorcrafts on floats, the VGs substantially shorten the takeoff run. 00 (8% Reduction in Stall Speed) Piper Cherokee PA-28 (All Hershey Bar Wing Models) $1450. Contact taylorcraft@taylorcraft. California Power Systems offers Rotax engines, parts, and other Ultralight and LightSport products to aviators around the world. This reduces takeoff speed and improves the rate of climb. Or, simply scroll down the page. Taylorcraft serial number 1521, an F21B tailwheel model, began life in the fast lane in 1988, hanging from the ceiling of the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. You’ll want to check the high and low speed flight characteristics to see how your model reacts. 00 Note: that your indicated stall speed is always the same regardless when DA is higher or lower. What had been a good airplane became astoundingly good. Installing Baffles. Its airfoil demands attention to landing speeds (stall speed 43 MPH) as it will “float” if airspeed is not well controlled. (Very high AOA, certainly adds to position error), so maybe it’s 32 or 33 mph Still, that’s nearly a 20% reduction in stall speed and a 12% increase in cruise speed. Taylorcraft vs. 00 (5% Reduction in Stall Speed) Lake, Mooney, Rockwell Commander $1450. The kit comes complete with all hardware, step-by-step instructions, and is fully STCd. Approch speed never over 60. Sentinel Club wrote: Howdy, I hope you don't mind me butting in here. 8G in normal category). All airplanes stall at slower airspeeds when they are light. Just Aircraft claims a stall speed of 27 mph with a 120. Empthy weight is 823 lbs. It also had full span flaps and Handley Page leading edge slats. Figures are based on factory prototype results, and are given at standard atmosphere, sea level, no wind, unless otherwise indicated. Taylorcraft NC43606 was built in 1946. Navy History: The Fo. An aircraft has two types of drag, right One of the more spectacular failures on the New Zealand agricultural aircraft scene would have to be the Taylorcraft Ranchwagon. are available for a wide range of aircraft and can reduce stall speed, improve aileron response, improve cross wind control, and reduce landing an Aircraft performance stats and information for the Piper J-3 Cub aircraft. The vortex generators create vortices that keep the boundary layer attached to the flying surfaces in slow flight, allowing a higher angle of attack and lower stall speed. Navy Ha! It definitely seems that I'm confusing asymmetry and dissymmetry. They have side by side seating, a max speed of 112 mph, cruise speed of 96 mph and a stall speed of 38 mph. Tail wheel. caption = 1946 model Taylorcraft BC-12-D designer = Clarence Gilbert Taylor first flight = introduction = retired = status = primary user = more users = We made a video on how we changed our stall speed from 36kt to 29kt. A pilot could take off in a Junior in as little as 200 feet and land in 250 feet; it cruised at 70 miles per hour and had an gentle stall speed of 35 miles per hour. no signs of buffeting, just a very aggressive drop in altitude and a aggressive role. It was purchased by Jack Carr, along with two additional Taylorcraft planes of the same model, that year. Design/Development: The Auster was a twice removed development of an American Taylorcraft design of civilian aircraft, the Model A. I put this website together originally to show off a beautiful restored 1940 Taylocraft that I had owned. The Savage, for instance, obviously a very popular Cub that comes in a version to fit under the 1050lbs limit. They need to be kept within certain temperature limits or else the cylinder heads may crack. With its high-lift wings and fixed slots, it can take-off and land in less than 200 feet and has a stall speed less than 25 mph. No. Another unique and exclusive feature of the Taylorcraft is that it has a symmetrical wing design. Unusually for the time it was constructed of moulded fibreglass over a tubular framework. Specifications (Taylorcraft L-2) Data from Pilots Flight Operating Instructions, Army Model L-2, L-2A, L-2B, and L-2M Airplanes, T. Aeronca L-3 Defender Design and development In 1941, the United States Army Air Corps ordered four examples of the Aeronca 65 TC Defender, designated YO-58, for evaluation of the suitability of light aircraft for observation and liaison purposes. Maximum Speed: 138 mph; Cruising Speed: 120 mph; Stall Speed: 38 mph  Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper / T-cart Manufactured by Taylorcraft, the L-2 was adapted from the pre-war commercial Model D Stall speed: 43 mph (power on) May 5, 1997 N4418Y began life as a gambler Taylorcraft serial number 1521, an F21B tailwheel model, began life in the fast lane in 1988, Cruise speed/endurance w/ 30-min rsv, std fuel (fuel consumption) V S1 (stall), 42 KIAS. But, apart from the noise, the cold gales, hard seats and funny flaps, it was Once you get over the numbers, pull the power to idle, and barely pull the stick back to compensate for the loss of power, glide down the runway until you are maybe around 2 or 3 feet (0. The C-38 had a taller vertical tail, curved main gear legs and a landing flap under the fuselage. Thickness/chord ratio 17%, dihedral 5°, incidence 2° at wing root, wash-out 2°. Loading Unsubscribe from cessnaflyboy42v? The basics on a Speed square No matter if you pull 8g, the best way out is a speed increase. The Auster was a twice-removed development of an American Taylorcraft design of civilian aircraft, the Model A. The stall is very gentle. I can care less about bells and whistles avionics. On August 1, 2017, Airframes Alaska dotted the i's and crossed the t's on a deal to buy Performance STOL, creators of experimental and certified double-slotted flaps for Cubs and Cub-type aircraft. relate to a model, but what a handful the Taylorcraft must be; NO lateral stability for starters, and it must have wicked adverse yaw. 1945 BC-12D TAYLORCRAFT But still, the Savannah is up and flying in 100 feet! It has a stall speed at 26 knots and cruises at 90-95. Seeing one fly by, low and slow up the Two Place Chinook Plus 2 – 4 Stroke. Designed by Aeronca for personal use, the Sedan also found applications in utility roles including bush flying. This jet age technology provides a 5 MPH reduction in stall speed, improved aileron response, reduced landing and takeoff roll. mission profile is rather broad -- it is intended to fill nearly all sport flying needs: excellent flying qualities, maximum speed allowed under LSA rules, low stall speed, good visibility, simple assembly for the home-bulider, economical to own and operate. "This report gives the results of tests in the NACA full-scale and variable-density tunnels of a new wing section, the NACA 23012, which is one of the more promising of an extended series of related airfoils recently developed. All of this starts with your approach. The Taylorcraft 20 design was a four-seat monoplane of the mid-1950s. 8 gph = 612 miles Stall speed remains the same as does gross weight (though there is an STC that raises the gross by 150 pounds). Leading edge enhancements that includes a variety of VG's and a couple types of trailing edge Gurney flaps and dedicated slot. A stall occurs when flow separation occurs on the airplane wing. SA00024NY : Installation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K007 on single or multi-engine fixed wing light aircraft incorporating Lycoming reciprocating engines of 450 horsepower or less. Add weight to the nose if necessary to obtain this balance, since only minor, adjustments are made by warping tail surfaces. Dec 15, 2016 Seaplanes generally come off the water near their stall speed and land although they still require finesse to get performance: Taylorcrafts,  Jan 11, 2017 Ercoupes, Taylorcrafts and Luscombes, these are the airplanes that Flight Design CTLS Engine: Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) Cruise speed: 112 kias 120 knots indicated at full power; a stall speed no faster than 45 knots in  The Micro Vortex Generators for the Taylorcraft are ready for installation. While attempting preparing to land at Oxley Strip, the aircraft approached too slow and stalled roughly 10' off the edge of the runway. number of VGs that are missing on your aircraft. Stall speed @ 55 mph and a cruise @ 90 to 100 mph, makes this plane a legitimate alternative. If you're a licensed pilot of small planes such as Cessnas or Pipers, you understand that aviation is all about preparedness. Taylorcraft Auster IV Three-seat version with a Lycoming O-290-3/1 H. Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are single engine planes with no more than two seats, a maximum weight of 1300 lbs, a maximum stall speed of 51 mph and a maximum speed of 138 mph. Measured weight is 850 lbs empty. today). DA influences the true airspeed / groundspeed and not the indicated airspeed. Cruise speed is in the 90’s. Boy was I right. Slow flight is almost ridiculously sloooowww. • LSA are not FAA  TAYLORCRAFT SEALED FRONT LIFT STRUT ASSEMBLY TAYLORCRAFT FAA / PMA DESIGN B THRU BC12D MUFFLER  The Taylorcraft B is an American light, single-engine, high-wing general Cruise speed: 110 mph (180 km/h, 96 kn); Stall speed: 38 mph (61 km/h, 33 kn)  TAS: 71kts – GPH: 2. In March 1943, with the creation of the liaison category of light observation aircraft (previous examples came from Taylorcraft Aircraft as the L-2, and from Aeronca as their L-3, along with the numerous Piper L-4) the designation for Stinson's new purpose-built military design was changed to the L-5. 1. During take off, the pilot noticed the airspeed indicator was reading 20 mph faster, and estimated the stall speed accordingly. “I have contractors who are making the parts. Some models are fitted with six seats but the last two seats are very small and cramped. It all comes down to one thing - AoA. Mechani-cal brakes, Shinn wheels, and a full- Visit the post for more. BUT - I use them as a means to increase margin as opposed to being a STOL kit. The indicated stall speed with one person on board is approximately 36 mpg. It had a top speed of only 129mph, and a stall speed of 35mph, allowing it to loiter over the relevant part of the battlefield. Description: If you feel like you have a particular interest in this model of aircraft you are welcome to submit a brief history and description/points of interest that make this model unique. Great Planes Taylorcraft 20 Electric build All this time I have been posting my build on another persons blog build, so I thought I would put my build in the correct spot. Find the best new and used aircraft for sale such as business jets, helicopters, Experimental, Warbirds and more. This is an airplane that you look forward to landing: It’s so much fun, you want to do it over and over. E-LSA Trainer Owners! archived information for reference "Owners of E-LSAaircraft used for training, regardless if they are engaging in training operations or not, need to amend their aircraft’s airworthiness certificate by January 31, 2010, or it will expire and cannot be reissued. Picture of TaylorCraft BC-12D Photo By ArmChair Never Exceed Speed: 0 kts. Luscombe 8A This is the second installment in a new series of articles based on a hypothetical set of airplane ownership criteria. [3] Production Carrying a single pilot and no passenger, the L-4 had a top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h), a cruise speed of 75 mph (121 km/h), a service ceiling of 12,000 ft (3,658 m), a stall speed of 38 mph (61 km/h), an endurance of three hours, and a range of 225 mi (362 km). The Taylorcraft B is a light, side-by-side two place, single engine, high-wing general aviation monoplane that was built by the Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation of Butler, Pennsylvania. The aircraft has a cruise speed of 71 knots and a stall speed of 33 knots. It has a pretty low stall speed but you do need to keep the plane  much like the Taylorcraft L-2 and Aeronca L-3 also in use with the US armed forces. Frank Donnelly (Dr. That means you can fly the pattern at the same 60 knots you’d use in the stock airplane and expect the stall to pay off at about the same speed and with similar characteristics. ” Swick Clip-T LLC will be ready to take orders for kits on Feb. Very few, if any, homebuilts are adequately tested during PHASE I to determine ACTUAL STALL SPEEDS. Find the power off stall speed, gear and flaps (if any) down, and remember the carb heat. The Lycoming engine was a good combination with the “T-Craft” and was perhaps the best dollar for dollar value in the lightplane field. The gross weight on a 152 is 1670lb, and the stall speed is 49mph. It was very popular with commanders in Europe during WWII. THE TAYLORCRAFT BC12D The Taylorcraft BC12D is a two place, side by side, high wing strut braced monoplane. For this table, first find the takeoff weight. (= 62 to 58 )If over 60 she floats from here to a point past the end off the runway,= 1800 ft with wire or trees at either end. Glide the model over deep grass making any further adjustments for a good glide. Taylorcraft is an excellent training airplane. This occurred at Fort Sill in July 1943 and was due to a disproportionately high number of fatal stall-spin accidents in those aircraft over the preceeding months. A. The company builds small single-engined airplanes. Each of the 24 kits required to build the Eagle II contains a separate section of the aircraft, and every part, every piece is available now…today. With the addition of the vortex generators, stall speed for the Taylorcraft is reduced 5 mph and the aircraft shows dramatic improvement in slow flight handling and characteristics. Taylorcraft Auster V Auster IV with blind flying instruments (Vacuum pump) and flap modification, and removable armour plate installed for pilot only, 790 built. Employees loaded the wings of the lightweight but sturdy Luscombe design. Also in light of the differences between the speeds of a Cub, Taylorcraft, and Champ, it’s good to know how big a difference drag may have on airframe components. Now you can look in a book or ask another Taylorcraft pilot, but a better way and one that will be specific to your plane is to go up nice and high and do a few stalls. The Model A had to be redesigned in Britain to meet more stringent Civil Aviation standards and was named the Taylorcraft Plus C. by finding the stall speed of the aircraft and pitch angle at that speed. " With 235 horses and a constant speed prop Jim Heinz says “she just wants to fly!”. 9 m) above the runway, do not let the airplane touch the ground, by pulling backwards, use the ground effect to help you glide, eventually you should have the stick all the way by your stomach, without One thing that puzzles me. Taylorcraft ad in April 1946 issue of Skyways magazine. 00 Buy SPORT aircraft ,Plans LM-TC-W Taylorcraft 10 pages 19ft x 36"&12,3,7ft cost $350 motorcycle in Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States, for US $149. On the else was using, was a semi- symmetrical 23000 series known for low drag and less gentle stall characteristics. TAYLORCRAFT PARTS Taylorcraft Parts. Its NACA 23012 airfoil design affords a wide center of gravity range with the famous floating characteristic of the Taylorcraft. Determining a stall speed will be imperative for smooth landings and knowing how slowly the plane will fly and not fall out of the sky. While much of this was true, the Junior had its problems. As a guess at maximum weight, I think the stall speed with zero-flap was about 45 MPH, the climb speed was maybe 70 MPH and the cruise around 90 MPH. Welcome to the M600. A beautiful airplane for sale by Taylorcraft for $69,995. In 1941 the United States Army Air Force ordered four Taylorcraft Model Ds with the designation YO-57. But why? And why aren't Vy and Vx the same? It all comes down to force and power - and how they're different. Based on an estimated accident weight of 1,800 lbs, the wings-level stall speeds for the flight would have been about 2 mph less than the values in the OM. My goal is to fully characterize the Taylorcraft so IT will have a REAL V-n diagram too. The shorter wing raises the stall speed by 21 percent and only increases the cruise speed by seven percent. Optional Onex Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars are riveted like Sonex Spars, but also have the attach bolt holes drilled up to final size. Taylorcraft L-2 Grasshopper / T-cart. D) and his 1946 Taylorcraft are bringing Back old-time . It can be maneuvered sharply, even to full aft stick, without fear of stall or spin. ----- file date location aircraft data injuries flight pilot data f s m/n purpose-----3-0183 68/1/1 albuquerque,n mex taylorcraft bc12-d cr- 0 0 1 noncommercial student, age 21, 200 time - 1630 n95810 px- 0 0 0 pleasure/personal transp total hours, 180 in type, damage-substantial ot- 0 0 0 not instrument rated. Full power gives such a ridiculously nose-high attitude that you might as well go Certified Aeronautical Products, LLC, being in the business of FAA Approved Aircraft Systems and Performance Upgrades, is experienced in the current issues that MOSAIC intends to address, particularly for “Legacy Aircraft”. HELLO EVERYONE - My name is Steven Seaman. no matter how Airplanes can be stalled under a variety of conditions of speed and attitude,  Dec 6, 2018 No matter what aircraft you fly, best glide speed is usually published in . Army for forward observation and artillery spotting. Derived from the even-more-diminutive Fo. Light Sport Aircraft can be homebuilt or purchased completed; however, there are many benefits to building your own aircraft. The tests were made at several values of the Reynolds number between 1,000,000 and 8,000,000. It must also follow ASTM consensus standards about how it verifies stall, weight, cruise and other attributes that define LSAs. For the Taylorcraft VG's are available and quick install Gurney flaps might be interesting. The ultimate in light sport bush planes, in its class! The Chinook Plus 2 equipped with a Rotax 912UL (85 HP) is the ultimate in short/soft field capability, useful load, ruggedness, reliability, range and cockpit size with unlimited visibility. Taylorcraft sold it to the casino for $36,463. Find out why Close. To make a great short field landing, you need to be in complete control of your airspeed and descent rate. name of airport - medford departure point intended destination medford,okla local type of accident phase of operation stall: spin in flight: other probable cause(s) pilot in command - exercised poor judgment pilot in command - failed to obtain/maintain flying speed remarks- acft obsd stall and recover 3 or 4 times bfr spin. National Aerobatic Champion titles, a record that still stands, and the 1980 World Champion title. Compared to a Cub-iteration with a comparable MTOW, it is quite a bit better. taylorcraft stall speed

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